The OmniReference Desk is Open

For too long Libraries have been stuck with 3 options for reference desk tracking:

  • paper tick sheets
  • expensive software
  • open source software

The goal we hope to achieve is a low-cost and easy-to-use solution for all libraries. We are able to accomplish this by eliminating each of these barriers to entry by:

Creating a customizable online interface

You can design as many forms as you want and customize them to capture the data your library needs to make more informed decisions and show the value of your reference services.

Custom Form

Tick Sheet

OmniReference Desk is Free

Most features are available to everyone in our Free plan which is limited to a single Location and a single Reference Desk. Larger libraries and anyone who wants Premium support can upgrade to the Premium plan for just $99 / year.

Zero IT Required

OmniReference Desk is hosted by OmniReference which means you don't have to worry about setting up and maintaining your own server. We handle all of the upgrades, bug fixes, new features, and ensure that your data is secure and backed up. We even include SSL sitewide to ensure end-to-end encryption. 

If you're not convinced, go ahead and give a try - it's free and there's no obligation to purchase anything.

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